UDATAnet Wireless Internet Service
Your Wyandot County & Area Internet Service Provider for over 19 Years
Offering High Speed Wireless 2.4ghz, 5.8ghz & 900mhz, & Dedicated Lines
Email Virus Filtering, Spam Control, Content Blocking & Webmail for ALL Accounts
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Call 419-294-4141 for line of site survey to 1 of 22 Broadcast Access Points
7 in Up Sandusky, 2 in Carey, 2 in Nevada, 2 in Lovell, 2 in Forest, 2 at UData Office Co Hwy 330 and 1 each Wharton, Sycamore, Vanlue, Alvada, New Riegel
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Paperless Service Billing Begins July 1, 2007.
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Wed. at 1:00am for approximately 30 to 60 minutes.
System may be Off Line during this time.
Other maintenance times will be announced.
UDATAnet offers payment by Visa, MasterCard or Bank Debit Card,Charge your internet service to visa or mastercard call 419-294-4141, email: accounting@udata.com  or CLICK on Online Payments (above) to change your payment plan
UDATAnet provides local call Internet Access and Email Virus Filtering, Spam Control & Content Blocking for ALL accounts for
High Speed Wireless: Broadcast Access Points:
7 in Up Sandusky, 2 in Carey, 2 in Nevada, 2 in Lovell, 2 in Forest, 2 at UData Office Co. Hwy. 330, 1 ea. Wharton, Sycamore, Vanlue, Alvada, New Riegel
High Speed Wireless Service 2.4ghz, 5.8ghz & 900mhz & Dedicated T1 also available
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